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Mini can collection

The Flipping Koi is hand painted on a Spray Can Canvas. 

Szabotage creates his unique backdrop by firstly releasing the pressure in the can and then slicing it open to remove the top, ball bearing and spray straw. He then hammers the whole can flat and finally cuts it into shape. This is a lengthy process but Szabotage is mindful that these cans are difficult to recycle and wants to reduce the amount sent to landfill.

The ‘Can Can’ Collection by Szabotage

Through disassembling and objectifying the spray can, turning the medium into the object, the artist continues the creative life of the aerosol material. Furthermore, Szabotage is inspired by playful use of language and exploring meanings of the word ‘can’. Ron Arad’s avante-garde industrial furniture design from the 1980’s informs the work. The artist explains:

“I like to think the can and its process has unleashed my humour, and I have looked for ways to explore the humour and the coincidence of the use of the word ‘can’! I can! Can vas! We can! Tin man can! Can Can! [I take] a fun and light-hearted approach where the subject is informed by the can... The ‘Can Can’ collection takes on a new personality for my work and becomes very sexy and witty, as well as a hard piece of industrial-looking furniture for interiors. In a way it reminds me of Ron Arad– the early days of welding the found objects together to make cool furniture.”

– Szabotage

Dimensions: 14CM W x 21CM H  

Edition: Original Unique artwork

Painting: Mixed-media spray paint, graffiti marker and collage

Pledge of quality: Szabotage guarantees the authenticity and quality of his artwork. Each piece arrives complete with a signed Certificate of Authenticity issued by the artist.

Delivery: Szabotage delivers artworks worldwide. The artwork will be available in our Central, Hong Kong office or can be delivered directly to you within 1 to 2 weeks after validation of your order (depending on your location).

If you have any questions about the artwork, artist, or delivery, feel free to contact us:
dearszabotage@gmail.com or visit our website http://www.szabotage.com.hk/ 

Hailing from the UK, Szabotage is currently residing in Hong Kong.  Szabotage assaults your senses by spraying layers of paint to deconstructing his left over spray cans to become his canvas.